Errands with Belle

Last weekend, Fiance and I had some last minute errands to run for the wedding. We have been feeling guilty about leaving Belle behind for almost 3 weeks, so we decided to take her with us, which just made the errands much more challenging...or errr..adventurous.

People on the train tend to love Belle and want to pet her and her and cuddle her. (Who can blame them.) Normally, Belle will bark fiercely and raise her mohawk at these people in an attempt to scare them away, but she’s different on the train. She’s nervous and clingy, and too concerned about the loud noises to care about the crowds around her, fawning over her. It’s nice for me because people on the train think she’s quiet, sweet, and well-behaved.

Belle in Time Square!
We took a pit stop at Bryant Park.

Happy Dog
Carrousel in the park.
A tiny library in the park!

After all the errand running, we were STARVING. We went to what may be the most amazing restaurant ever. Pommes Frites. They had two chairs outside, which means we could actually eat there with Belle, thank God.

ALL they serve are French Fries. The only thing you choose are your dips, and there are many many choices. If they served tacos I would dub this place Heaven. Either way…it’s pretty close.

The Perfect Dinner.

I hope Belle is having a good time with her doggy sitter this week. Maybe they’ll go run errands together.

Miss you pup!


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