Post by the Pup

Belle again! Mom has visitors this week, and is just in over her head with having fun while working and juggling wedding plans, so once again, it’s Belle to the rescue. I really don’t know what my Mom would do without me. For example, how would she waste all her free time without having me around? Lord knows she spends every spare moment taking the most ridiculous/embarrassing pictures of me.

She snapped this one when I accidently fell asleep in the middle of playing “fetch”. It’s not my fault she always takes ten minutes to throw the tennis ball! Mom, is very easily distracted by the TV.

This one was taken when she was having a great time acting a fool, and I was forced to cover my ears. To think, they yell at ME for barking too loud!

Here’s one she took to send to Dad when he was out of town. I don’t get it…she is smiling like she is sooo happy. I wanted to let Dad know how much I missed him, hence the sad face.

I’ve blacked this one out of my memory completely.

As you can see, Mom is pretty camera happy when I’m around. So next time she says she’s too busy and overwhelmed, please remind her to stop taking pictures of me.

However, it turns out that my picture taking practice has turned out to be useful in my doggy life.

A few days ago my Mom and Dad took me to the big green park (the only place that seems to have grass in this city). I LOVE going to the park! I get to run around, chase birds and squirrels, play fetch for hours with all the sticks I could ever imagine, and no one cares if I potty in this grass.

On this recent trip though, I was stopped….by the PUPARAZZI!

I was just carelessly strolling along, no cute outfit, and my fur wasn’t even fixed, when out of the clear blue this older woman stops my parents and asks permission to take pictures of me.

Mom and Dad looked a little confused, but agreed that it was fine for this complete stranger to take pictures of me for her “compilation” she was trying to get published.

No one asked my opinion. I was not really in the mood for a random photo session at the park. Who am I? Tinkerbell Hilton?! I let everyone know that I was not in the mood by refusing to stand still. I just walked quickly around everyone and made the crazy woman chase me around with a her giant camera and talk baby talk to me while telling me how cute I am.

When she was done she took down Mom’s email and promised to send her the edited versions.

As we walked away I could here Mom and Dad talking about the “crazy” woman, and laughing about her  “compilation”. They even had the nerve to say these things in front of me! Their child who they just allowed to be photographed!! Who knows what website I’ll end up on!!!

….The “crazy” lady emailed Mom the pictures today…

Mom pulled these up, began laughing hysterically, and then called Dad over to look at my “glamour shots”.

Dad, also laughing, wondered how her final project would turn out.

Obviously, I was extremely nervous to see these pictures. They must be pretty horrible.

Wrong. I look gorgeous and glamorous! Who is that famous dog? Me!? Couldn’t be! No wonder that woman with the painted eyebrows and eyeshadow up to her forehead wanted to snap pictures of me. I was born to model. Just look at those cheekbones.

I think I’ve finally found my calling in life. So, for those who are interested, you can book me through this blog. Just leave a comment. I take cash, visa, begin’ strips, and squeaky balls as payment, and I charge by the hour.

(Also, I need a new agent. My momager isn’t cutting it.)

No autographs please!


8 thoughts on “Post by the Pup”

  1. Belle..I ❤ all of your cute pup photos (the one with the ball is my fave 🙂 ) Please don't forget about the little people when you get rich and famous 😉

  2. I miss you Belle! And I love all the pics, but tell Mom not to take any more of those embarassing ones. It looks like you were intoxicated! Have you been hitting the bottle? Remember where you came from!!

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