Check out the Square

Union Square is one of the more interesting parks and subway stops in Manhattan. Throughout it’s very long history (it was brought into existence in 1815 ) it has been a gathering place for radicals, protesteors,and demonstrators. Numerous political demonstrations have taken place here over the last almost 200 years, and the Occupy Wall Street protestors are currently occupying the square.

Union Square also holds a “green market” 4 days a week. This market offers tons of fresh produce, and other organic or handmade goodies. And, around Christmas they hold a holiday market where all kinds of handmade goodies are sold…it’s like Etsy taken to the streets. It’s fun to look around at all of the locally grown products, but in my cheap opinion, most of it is over-priced and out of my spending range.

I love getting off at Union Square and taking in all of the fun sights. I can always catch a chess game, a hippy singing, and a protestor speaking about something they’re against…or for.

Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21, Dogmatic, Whole Foods, Max Brenner, and the Strand are all right around Union Square so I pretty much always have a good reason to be in the area.

A chalk artist
Another chalk artist?

A perfect spot to stop and sing a song...if only there weren't 15 other guitarists singing their own songs all around him
A psychic, in case you need your cards read before your shopping spree

One of the local stands at the "green market"

Next time you’re in Manhattan, take a break to stroll through Union Square and smell the hippies, play a round of chess, or just enjoy the view. It’s certainly one of the more unique parks to stroll through.


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