Tourist vs New Yorker

Police Dog... Working hard or hardly working? eh pooch?

Everyone knows NYC is full of tourists, every New Yorker gets annoyed by them, and every tourist gets the stink eye from a New Yorker at least once during their visit. That’s just common knowledge. I have been a part of both parties. In fact, I often switch from tourist to New Yorker a couple times a day.

I am always in a hurry; whether it’s walking to work, trying to make it to a hair appointment, meet someone for dinner, go to the gym, or get my caffeine boosts. I am somehow always 5 minutes behind, and always have somewhere else to be. It is in these situations that I become so very annoyed with ALL the tourists EVERYWHERE. I mean really…could you and your family of six spread out a little a more on the sidewalk? And, please take your time, make sure you get a picture of each storefront window, street sign, and manhole cover.

On the flip side, I really enjoy doing all the touristy things New York has to offer. Who knows how long I’ll live in the city?! I don’t, and I don’t want to waste a second of the time I have here. There is just so much to see, do, and eat!

This is one reason why I love having visitors. Besides getting to spend time in very close quarters with some of our favorite people, we also get to take them sight seeing, and experience New York as a tourist ourselves.

Over the weekend we went to the 9/11 Memorial with our family. This is an 8 acre area where the twin towers originally stood that has been dedicated as a park and memorial. The two big craters left from the original towers have been transformed into waterfalls and reflecting pools. The park is planned to have over 400 trees that will create a natural green roof over the plaza. It is one of the most eco-friendly parks ever created with it’s own irrigation system to conserve water and energy, and a new system for trees to grown and flourish in an urban pavement filled area. Sounds cool right?

Not yet.

The park is no where near finished, but guests are still allowed to visit. Our visit started out with a very long line where we had to remove all bags, coats, and shoes, put it all in trays, go through metal detectors, and NOT get on a plane by the end of it.

When we entered the plaza (the memorial) it looked pretty depressing. There are hardly any trees planted yet, and the ones that are planted are babies. It’s a lot of gray, a lot of construction, and a lot of concrete.

These are ALL of the trees planted so far

The waterfalls and reflection pools are nice, and they are surrounded with the names of all the people who lost their lives on 9/11, so it’s appropriately sad, but other than that, there is nothing to look at. I am sure the finished project will look great, but I suggest waiting until then to visit.

(You can actually see the memorial from a building across the street. They have nice covered walkway a few stories high where you can look into the memorial….no lines, no hassle, just a nice view!)

One of the new twin towers being built. When it's finished it will be the tallest building in the USA.

You can see the new towers that are a work in progress from several spots in lower Manhattan. We spotted them when we stopped at Battery Park to get a view of the Statue of Liberty. We also spotted hippies with hula hoops, a creepy man dressed like fireman statue taking pictures with kids for money, and lots of fake purses.

See that little speck behind me, that's Lady Liberty.
This sculpture, which stands for peace, was left standing in the plaza between the twin towers when they fell. It's been moved to Battery Park as memorial and a representation of peace and hope. Oh, and that's one of the twin towers in the background!
I wonder if the hippies ever get bothered by tourists?

By nightfall I was ready to be a New Yorker again and rush home for dinner, because once again…I was running late.

Speaking of…am I supposed to be somewhere right now?


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