Rodrigo y Gabriela! Ole!

I am such a nice Fiance. Sooo nice in fact that I bought my other half tickets to see one of his favorite musicians for Valentine’s Day. Fiance has been in love with Rodrigo y Gabriela for years. He actually got to see them once at Bonaroo (a crazy Woodstock-type music festival held every year in Tennessee). He was working at Bonaroo so he got to sit in the press box area on the stage to watch.

His Valentine present tickets weren’t quite that close.

The concert was tonight at Rockefeller center and it was AMAZING! We weren’t on stage, but we were in the orchestra center stage section. HOLY COW, that couple can rock!


If you haven’t heard of Rodrigo y Gabriela, here’s what you need to know. They are a Mexican musical duo who specialize in playing guitars REALLY REALLY fast. They are able to make the most incredible beats and rhythms using only their hands and guitars, it is ridiculous. Their music is best described as heavy metal flamenco.

Here’s a clip:

Now, they are touring with a 13-piece Cuban orchestra called C.U.B.A. who are equally phenomenal. They each had solos and I have never in my life been so impressed with a drummer and pianist. Their hands all moved so quickly that I couldn’t even see was just a blur of fingers and it all resulted in crazy good music. They are like super hero musicians.

The crowd was  really fun group of people, and a very odd mix. We were surround by people of all ages and cultures. There were frat boys in front of us, grandparents to the side of us, and a family behind us. Even Ethan Coen (half of the Coen brothers) was also sitting near us.

We had the best time, and this Valentine gift definitely doubled as a gift for me as well.

Happy Valentine’s in April Fiance!



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