Picture Blog

Today was super busy, good kind of busy. But also too-bus- to-write kind of busy. Since it’s now 1:14am. I am going to try to summarize my day with pictures, (and maybe a few words too…).

After work, Zoey and I spent the ENTIRE day exploring the unknown, i.e. Brooklyn. We were mostly jewelry shopping and found some pretty unique spots through the cutesy neighborhoods right outside of Manhattan.

Brooklyn Charm was our favorite find of the day.
Then, we stopped for the most delicious coffee I've had in months. Well I did. Zoey got a cookie.
And, a snack at 5 Guys.
I shopped for a special little boy's birthday!

Once we made it home, I was horrified to find a GIANT roach wriggling on it’s back in my hallway. I began hyperventilating, and reaching for my phone to call either my Dad or 911. Zoey attempted to be the hero, but eventually freaked herself and could not scoop the little devil into the trash, or squish it. I was trapped on the inside, so Zoey went to all the neighbors on my floor (all boys) to ask for help. No one was home, so we left a note on my next door neighbor’s door.

Hey neighbor, can you come over when you get home and help me take care of a bug situation. Fiance is not home, and I’m a big baby. Thanks!

Scared, the roach would flip over and disappear, Zoey and I trapped it under a box and put a boot on top to keep it from escaping. Luckily, my super nice and helpful neighbor came and saved us about an hour later.

It’s nice to have accommodating boy neighbors.


The rest of the night was dedicated to the Gilmore Girls and arts and crafts.

Made by Zoey
Made by me!
First glass of wine...
Plastic glass of wine after I shattered the first one all of the floor and myself.
Time to experiment with putting pastels in hair for a temporary dye.... (another great Pinterest idea.)
Pinterest makes it look so lovely, easy, and pretty...
It was terrible, difficult, and totally dried my hair out!
braided it, and all the chalk basically disappeared. boo
I got bored... Fiance says I'm no longer allowed to take care of Belle.

Bed time. Good night world!

6 thoughts on “Picture Blog”

  1. Nutella! Yay!
    I’ve never heard of putting pastels in hair. Did it at least leave a few subtle highlights?
    I think it suits Belle 🙂

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