Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick's Day 2009

Customarily, I am a VERY festive person. I have been know to wear heart stamped leggings on Valentines, detailed costumes every Halloween, Bunny ears on Easter, wear red and green and tinsel the entire month of December, and eat Mexican food the whole week of Cinco De Mayo. So, it should come as no surprise that I love St. Patrick’s Day!

This year has been a little more challenging for me to be my festive self. I no longer work in an elementary school, so it’s not as easy or acceptable to come to work dressed like a leprechaun. Boo.

I figured out a few ways around this obstacle by painting my nails green, wearing green jewelry, and a Mickey Mouse tee where he’s dressed like a leprechaun. I was feeling better, but not complete…. Until Zoey and I devised a plan.

You see, we have been planning to start our own YouTube channel for a while, but have not had the right idea, time, or motivation to start. Until now. Thanks to the enthusiasm surrounding March 17th we felt invigorated. We finally had an idea for a great video.

After work Saturday, we met for a lunch/planning date at a little restaurant between our two apartments. We were supposed to spend the whole lunch brainstorming, but spent half the time playing with my Instagram and drinking Bellini’s (for extra courage and confidence.)

As we ate, the streets literally filled with people dressed head to toe in green and shamrocks. There are several Irish Pubs in the neighborhood and by lunchtime, people were lined up in the streets waiting to get inside. We decided it was now or never.

We started by walking up and down the street waiting for the perfect group of people to walk by, and for the self-confidence to walk up and start interviewing complete strangers. Once, we started it all flowed perfectly.

I am simply amazed at the number of people who were willing to talk to us, dance for us, kiss people for us, and all on video no less. I love these people!

Today, we locked ourselves inside and put the compilation of crazy videos together.

Killer was just trying to help

Done! Our YouTube Channel is TheNYG’s, our show is Hey! Look at us. We are super excited to make more videos.

Watch our first show here.