Through Sickness and Health

Fiance is always the one behind the camera so it was very challenging to find a picture of just him... seriously I went through hundreds of photos.

*This was written a few weeks ago. Fiance is leaving for 3 weeks tomorrow, so I am dedicating this to him. xoxo*

We may not be married yet, but Fiance and I have definitely been there for each other through many rough situations, and lots and lots of sicknesses! Most often, the sick person is me. I am not just referring to the crazy I-think-I-am-dying-having-a-panic-attack sickness (which happens too often), I mean contagious types of sicknesses.

I catch everything! I must have one of the weeniest immune systems around. If anyone around me has a cold, strep throat, the flu, a stomach virus, whooping cough, pink eye, etc, I WILL catch it. Fiance on the other hand NEVER gets sick. I mean the guy lives with me… an often sick person around germy little children all day, yet he never catches anything!

Until now…

While visiting my family in Texas, my parents and sister both happened to get very sick. I was dreading the morning I would wake up sick, but it never happened. Peter, on the other hand, has been sick from the moment we left Texas. I mean REALLY REALLY sick. To be fair though, he is never sick so he may just have the sniffles and his body just has no idea what’s going on, and is therefore freaking out.

It is so sad to see him this pathetic and yucky feeling. It is also very odd. It’s like Freaky Friday, and now I have to play the role of “nurse” in the relationship…something I have very little experience with. I must say, I do not like it one bit.

I hate seeing Fiancé feel this bad, and he is not a very nice patient. Fiancé is known to get grumpy on two occasions: 1) When he wakes up, and 2) When he has gone too long without food. Because these occasions arise often I have two rules 1) Only communicate by text until after noon, and 2) Always carry emergency snacks.

WELL, if Fiance is grumpy during those two occasions I do not even have the words to describe him now… cranky, grouchy, testy, snappy, irritable…..well maybe I do have the words. I guess he is allowed to feel grumpy though; he is the sick one.

I, surprisingly, am being a very well tempered caregiver. I ran home during every break today to bring him soup, medicine, and Kleenex. I took his temperature even though he growled at me. I made him eat chicken soup, which he then threw up. I made him drink Gatorade as he gave me the look of death. I wiped everything he touched with Clorox wipes the second he wasn’t looking. And, I sat on the kitchen floor and cried where he couldn’t see me, when I felt frustrated that he wouldn’t take his medicine, drink his fluids, or tell me anything he wanted.

Also, this may be the first day I didn’t complain about anything all day to fiancé! He must be milking this for all it’s worth.

I hope he is feeling much better tomorrow. I had a disgusting time at the laundry mat tonight, (plus, I’ve been on an edge with panic about catching his disease) and I am just dying to tell him all about it.

Get Well Soon babe, very soon.

3 thoughts on “Through Sickness and Health”

  1. I would like to challenge you in a “who has the worst immune system ever!” Have you ever gotten your B12 tested?

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